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Just Arrived: Nagisa Auto Gacchiri Suppport for Toyota AE86 Corolla #XNG0044

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Older unibody vehicles tend to have unwanted chassis flex.  The gacchiri support greatly improves the handling dynamics of your car. Confidence in steering is guaranteed by adding the Gacchiri Support. Reduces flexing of the unibody. “Gacchiri” means ‘muscle strength’ when translated from Japanese.  The product mounts onto the door hinge and inner fender, creating a …

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Nagisa Auto; Parts for Nissan 240SX S13


These are not new parts or new to market, but once in a while we’d like to remind you on some of the parts Nagisa Auto has to offer. Tow Hook GT style Super Low Seat Rail (Double Lock) SHAKITTO PLATE Gacchiri Support    


Nagisa Auto does it right!

Nagisa Auto is no stranger when it comes to building purpose built race cars. Check out some of these examples of their cars using Nagisa’s various braces, multi-link suspension pieces and drivetrain pieces. To see what Nagisa Auto has for your car, check out More Japan here Another nice tidbit of info is that both …

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Gacchiri Support

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