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Tanabe has what you need for your Prius V!


Finding parts for this car can be hard for some but look no further since Tanabe has what you’re looking for! Tanabe offers a full line of Chassis and Suspension parts for your Prius V!


3rd Gen Prius and Prius V Lower Center Brace


Surprising as it may be, the 3rd Gen Toyota Prius is a very popular platform for many car lovers theses days. Whether it’s a second car to daily drive in or if it’s the primary car that will be modded, who among us can really ever leave anything stock? While power mods are slim pickins’ …

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Tanabe New Products for Prius C & Prius V


Tanabe products have always been quite popular with the 3rd gen Prius application that it was only a matter of time before releasing products for the rest of the Prius family. There is a wide variety of suspension and chassis parts now available for the new Prius C & Prius V.


Hasepro Prius V Steering Wheel Emblem Insert

PriusVHasepr Insert01

We enjoy it when our customers sends us before and after pictures of the various parts that they installed. This week we received pictures for a Prius V that just installed a Hasepro Carbon Fiber Emblem Inserts. The fitment was perfect and the overall look is seemingly OEM standard. Thank you Tanasit for sharing your …

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Tanabe Sustec Pro S-0C Coilovers for Prius V

tsc167 front

Since the release of the Prius V, some owners may feel the needs to close that wheel gap a bit yet still retain a smooth ride that is great for their daily driving. The Sustec pro S-0C is the answer for that! Height adjustable and tuned to give you the lowered look that you want …

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