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Tanabe New Products for Prius C & Prius V

Tanabe products have always been quite popular with the 3rd gen Prius application that it was only a matter of time before releasing products for the rest of the Prius family. There is a wide variety of suspension and chassis parts now available for the new Prius C & Prius V.

Prius V -

Sustec Pro S-0C Coilovers TSC167 – MSRP $1,440

NF210 Springs TNF167 – MSRP $325

Sustec Underbrace (Front) TUB153F – MSRP $118

Sustec Stabilizer (Front) TSB153F – MSRP $245


Prius C -

Sustec Pro S-0C Coilovers TSC168 – MSRP $1,090

DF210 Springs TDF168 – MSRP $315

NF210 Springs TNF168 – MSRP $325

Sustec Underbrace (Front) TUB121F – MSRP $118

Sustec Stabilizer (Front) TSB121F – MSRP $245

Sustec Strut Tower Bar (Front) TTB168F – MSRP $139

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