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FD Heart Transplant Part 2

Samberg Rod and Custom 09

Been a while since I’ve made another post. Two failed attempts at trying to by an LS motor… But the good news is that I saved a bunch of money by switching to… nevermind. Anywho, my Mounting kit from Samberg Performance Fabrication came in and I’m now just waiting for the driveshaft and radiator kit …

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Beastly FD RX7 Build

Build pics 044

Check out this Supercharged, LSX swapped 3rd Gen (FD) Rx7 being built at Car Crafters. This car is undergoing a transformation from when it got lots of exposure from Icon Film’s motorcycle vs. car drift video. Jim has installed Nagisa Auto Front Pillow Upper Arms onto his car from More Japan These allow for greater …

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