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OGS IP Switch for 3rd-gen Prius

The left hand drive version of the OGS IP Switch is exclusive to More-Japan! Also, the button colors and OGS logo display are customizable from 7 different colors. The IP Switch is a direct replacement of the Prius’ factory shifter that allows push button controls to manipulate the gears. Click here to visit the store page!  


Multi Function Paddle System for 3rd generation Prius!

The OGS Multi Function Paddle System for the 3rd generation Prius replaces the cruise control lever with paddle levers that can be used for changing gears and operating the cruise control system. Here’s a quick look at what this product offers. The purpose of the Multi Funtion Paddle System is to provide controls for gear selection and …

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My FD is now a Professor…

Montego Blue RX7 FD with SSR Sp3 18x9, 18x10

My SSR Professor SP3 wheels came in! I got the tires mounted at Status Autoworks (Thanks Dave & Rick) in Torrance, CA. It was done quickly and professionally! I had to wait for my Gorilla “The System” lugs to come in before I can mount the wheels on the car. When they finally came in, …

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Beastly FD RX7 Build

Build pics 044

Check out this Supercharged, LSX swapped 3rd Gen (FD) Rx7 being built at Car Crafters. This car is undergoing a transformation from when it got lots of exposure from Icon Film’s motorcycle vs. car drift video. Jim has installed Nagisa Auto Front Pillow Upper Arms onto his car from More Japan These allow for greater …

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