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Drag FD RX7

How many of you remember 1999? Worrying about Y2K (or the millenium bug), Bill Clinton getting impeached, or the first ever Spongebob Squarepants episode on Nikelodeon.. One of the biggest things to happen in my life in 1999 was the tuning car boom. A time filled with street racing mischief and Lambo doors. We’re actually …

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Tanabe Back Thursday?


Remember when the second half of Super Street Magazine was printed in black and white? Tanabe remembers. We thought it would be fun to dig up an old coilover install tech article from April of 2001, yes over twelve years ago. In this day and age of fly by night “suspension companies” looking to make …

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Tanabe Tuesday: 1986 Toyota Corolla


This Tuesday we take a look back at one of the most iconic cars in the import car industry. The 1986 Toyota Corolla aka the AE86 or 86 as known by everyone who’s a gear head. The car with the multiple names, (ie, hachi, hachi-roku, trueno, etc.) can still wow a crowd as soon as …

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