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How many of you remember 1999? Worrying about Y2K (or the millenium bug), Bill Clinton getting impeached, or the first ever Spongebob Squarepants episode on Nikelodeon..

One of the biggest things to happen in my life in 1999 was the tuning car boom. A time filled with street racing mischief and Lambo doors. We’re actually not too far off from that nowadays. So let’s take a look back into 1999. Photos courtesy of Super Street.Drag FD RX7That’s one heck of a RX-7! It’s also surrounded by huge trophies! How does one transport a trophy that large home? But that’s just the beginning…

Does anybody remember LJ Garcia’s FEEL’S Monster widebody EK Civic? It changed colors once or twice. All yellow inside and out  as well as the blue exterior with yellow interior shown here. I bet you had a model of this car at one point or another… LJ Garcia EK

How about this sweet DC2 Integra? Sporting a Carisma windshield banner and Pacific Rim fender sticker. Talk about a throwback. These cars may seem dated to you right now, but remember this is 1999.. these cars were brand new! Also this wheel fitment was the IN thing in the early tuning scene.DC2 Integra

Any of you remember Charlotte De Vera? “Mommy” Charlotte, as most people knew her, drove a crazy turbo Honda Odyssey van! The first of its kind if I’m not mistaken…Mommy Charlotte Van

If the De Vera name sounds familiar, that may be because you remember RJ De Vera, her son. Aside from being the creator of RO_JA and pioneer of the tuning world, RJ is famous for one of his only lines in The Fast and The Furious (much to his regret I’m sure).Damn_That_Guys_Fast

So there you have it; 1999. The cars were covered in neon under-glow and obnoxiously vinyl’d and painted. We could have done without molded-in bumpers and side skirts, but without that it wouldn’t have made the tuning scene what it is today. And on that note, I end my Thursday post. See you all next week!


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