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Celebrating 25 years of the Mazda Miata MX-5

It is no doubt that the biggest news coming from the annual Mazda Miata gathering as Mazda’s Laguna Seca raceway was the unveiling of the new 2016 Miata MX-5, but the big celebration was commemorating the 25 year history of the Miata heritage. Known to be the most popular sports convertible that is a joy …

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2016 Miata MX-5 Thoughts?


So I’m sure many of you have seen images of the new Miata MX-5. Some love it, some hate it. I for one really like the styling and am hoping that they put a peppy motor in it. How about a 180hp N/A standard and the 2.3 Turbo motor from the Mazdaspeed3 in as an …

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A closer look at “FWD size” GTV02s.


Today we will be looking at some of the smaller sized GTV02s, sizes that are commonly used on popular sports compact cars such as Civics, Integras, Miatas, Sentras etc. First up is the GTV02 in 15×7 +35. This wheel is available in the 4×100, and is a very popular size. All 15″ and 16″ wheels …

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SSR Formula Mesh on Mazda Miata


Ken was able to pick up some valve stems recently and was finally able to mount these older style Formula Mesh wheels onto his car. I’m sure he still has restoration plans for these wheels but from the photos you are able to see how the mesh style wheels really compliment the body lines of …

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More Japan coverage from Formula Drift Round 7: Final Fight


This past weekend was the final round in the 2012 Formula Drift Season. The tital was up for grabs and there was no clear cut winner for the overall season so I’m sure nobody was holding anything back! Attendance was nuts, the show sold old before they even opened up the gates and event staff …

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Downgrade or Upgrade?

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A friend of mine took my little NB miata … … I didn’t last a day and ended up getting another one. And for some reason, I like this better… I dig old school… And of course… maximum trolling.


NEW: Hyper Rev #159 for Mazda Miata (NA / NB / NC)


Just published Hyper Rev Vol. #159 No. 7 for Mazda Miata Avaliable at www.more-japan.com


Mazda Miata Hyper Rev Magazines

New Hyper Rev #149 Mazda Miata has arrived… Also previous issues are available at www.more-japan.com Collect one or collect them all.