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Juke-R: More Likely Than We Think?

image borrowed from MotorTrend

A couple of months ago there was a Juke-R project that got everyone’s attention: a Nissan Juke with the Nissan GT-R engine, transmission, and all of its fancy electronics transplanted into it. Now it has appeared on a track and is receiving even more buzz. It performs just like how everyone imagined it would: the …

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Nissan Juke-R

Would you buy a Nissan Juke with the complete 480bhp GT-R engine and four-wheel-drive system transplanted into it? I know I would… More info about this special project at TopGear’s website.


New Product Release! Nissan Juke Tower Bar!


NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 2010+ NISSAN JUKE NOW AVAILABLE!!! Part Number: TTB157F Product Name: Sustec Tower Bar, Front Application: 2010+ Nissan Juke Retail Price: $128.00 Sustec Tower Bar: http://www.tanabe-usa.com/towerbar.asp -D.


New Chassis parts from Tanabe!

Front Under Brace for Subaru Legacy

Tanabe USA is glad to announce the release of some new Sustec Chassis Parts for the Nissan Juke and Subaru Legacy! Please read on for details!