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Juke-R: More Likely Than We Think?

image borrowed from MotorTrend

image borrowed from MotorTrend

A couple of months ago there was a Juke-R project that got everyone’s attention: a Nissan Juke with the Nissan GT-R engine, transmission, and all of its fancy electronics transplanted into it. Now it has appeared on a track and is receiving even more buzz. It performs just like how everyone imagined it would: the power and technology of the GT-R in a rather small chassis with a short wheelbase. The Juke-R just zips around the track as if it is go-kart. Whether you like the beefy aggressive styling or just downright hate the looks of the Juke, everyone can agree that this is indeed a little beast on the track. Is it likely we might see a production version of this crazy car? Check out this article on MotorTrend for the test drive write-up!

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