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Cooling Problems, SARD can help…

SARD Breather Tank_1

SARD Breather Tanks (Universal Breather Tank Kits) If you drive your vehicle hard or have some cooling issues at the track, well it maybe there are tiny air bubbles in your cooling systems which can cause your vehicle to higher temperatures.  The SARD Breather Tank will eliminate the trapped air bubbles out of your cooling …

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Wakita-san said It’s OK!


It’s been practically 2 years since I had my engine changed. And since then, I haven’t been upgrading it at all. I’ve just been maintaining it while I help my credit card recover from its injury. (u_u) So, fast forward many moons, and I’m wondering how the condition of the engine is. Over the weekend, I decided to pay a visit to Wakita-san for a little leak-down testing.