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Wakita-san said It’s OK!

It’s been practically 2 years since I had my engine changed. And since then, I haven’t been upgrading it at all. I’ve just been maintaining it while I help my credit card recover from its injury. (u_u) So, fast forward many moons, and I’m wondering how the condition of the engine is. Over the weekend, I decided to pay a visit to Wakita-san for a little leak-down testing. Why did I decide to get a leak-down test? Well, the car itself drives fine — the motor basically feels perfect to me. But I wanted to have it inspected before I decide to do a few fast-mods to it. (^_^) There’s no sense in modding the engine if it’s going to cause it to blow up the next day. Then my side pocket will REALLYbe hurting (-_-)”‘

So, good news! The leak-down test said I had about 7% leak in one cylinder, 10% in another two, and around 20% in the final one. Not bad for a used engine… The 20% leak didn’t sound so good to me, but Wakita-san said it was decent enough to throw a few small mods at while I save up for an upgrade rebuild in the future. Compression was a little low as well, but not bad!

Good news indeed! So, what’s next? Maybe a bigger interfooler? Maybe I can finally have that 4.3 final drive installed? A SARD coolant breather would be a nice thing to have… But then I’d have to replace my stock clutch-fan with electric ones to free up some room in the engine bay. Anyways… stay tuned for my next pay check and we’ll see what happens! LOL! ;)

On a side-note, I’d just like to say that gifting your car some money is almost always money well-spent… as long as you buy good parts. I drive my car every day, and I’m constantly reminded that everything I’ve given to the Emerald Weapon was worth it. Boo yah! LoL

Big thanks to Wakita-san and Andrew for helping me out on the weekend. Let this be a lesson to you other shops! Open on Saturdays because it’s the only time us normal working people can make it over! :p


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