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Downtown LA: Giant Slip and Slide – Bad Idea or Fun Idea?

Image from Slide the City (http://www.slidethecity.com/)

Recently an event that went viral is now on the minds of LA residents who are debating whether this event is worth the fun or is “environmentally wasteful”.

Slide the City is an event where a giant slip and slide was put together, spanning a few blocks in Salt Lake City, allowing thousands of people to simply slide their way down and have fun while doing so. Now all the buzz is bringing this event to many parts of the US with a few events planned in major California cities.

However, as fun this may look, many LA residents find this to be a major waste of water especially due to the fact that LA county has been facing severe drought and has even laid down restrictions on water usage. Is this event worth it for a day of enjoyment or will our city pay a hefty price? Either way, Slide the City LA is scheduled for late Sept but there is a petition urging the event coordinators to reconsider holding the event.

What is your take on this?



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