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Quick stop at Rywire

Earlier this week I had a chance to stop by Rywire with my friend Steve. He needed to Drop off a plate that he had polished to it could be installed on his firewall. It was my first time there and ever since seeing his E-AT at Spocom earlier this year, I’ve been wanting to stop by and see the shop. I didn’t want to take too many pictures because I don’t know if the owners of the cars there would want pictures of their projects out on the web. But man, Ryan really knows his stuff and his attention to detail is crazy! When he was explaining things to me and Steve, I probably understood 15% of the terminology he was using. :) Anywho, If anyone needs a harness done and done right, this is who you need to go see!

Here’s the firewall plate for all polished up by our friend Randy

Steve’s AE86 engine bay. The change is subtle in appearance but cleans things up nicely.

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