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Super Gran Turismo!

Flashback, California Motor Speedway 2004. JGTC (All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship) currently known as Super GT held it’s first inaugural race in the United States reaching a domestic audience of about 60,000 spectators. From Dec. 18th-19th the race was held as an exhibition All-Star Race set aside from the actual series schedule and championship. The G’Zox SSR Hasemi Fairlady Z driven by Toshihiro Kaneishi / Erik Comas finished 8th in the qualifying session. By the first lap of a 200 lap main event, the #3 car gained 7th place, and by the 31st lap it gained 2nd.  The #3 car ran a consistent race with minimal pit stop errors and finished 1st overall in the GT500 class. Although the #3 car placed 5th in the series standings for the season, drivers Kaneishi and Comas were very pleased with the winning results.

Photos by: akira3d.com

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