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Tall person problems…

Too tall!

We all know that one really tall guy who can’t fit in his car with a helmet on (or off for that matter) and when you are that guy, it’s annoying having to tilt your head to one side because you’re pressed up against the headliner. And let’s face it, nobody wants to have to …

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Super Low Seat Rails by Nagisa Auto


The Super Low Seat Rails by Nagisa Auto are popular for many motorsport enthusiasts. These rails are compatible to most standard sized aftermarket bucket seats from Bride, Sparco, Recaro, etc., and even some factory seats. The “Super Low” design gives a lower seat position allowing more headroom for taller seats and/or a racing helmet (the …

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New Product: FR-S / BRZ Super Low Seat rails By Nagisa Auto

W lock2

Coming Soon !!!   Nagisa Auto Seat Rails for Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. The all new Nagisa Auto “D-LOCK” Super Low Seat Rail adds ‘zero-play’ of the seat rail and slider with a Double Locking Mechanism. Adjustable low positions, and will fit most standard size bucket seats. Click HERE for pricing


NEW: Nagisa Auto D-lock Super Low Seat Rails for Honda S2000