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Revel VLS Gauge Wiring and Sensor Information

Are you looking for from technical information for the Revel VLS gauges and wiring such as the gauge, resistance and amperage? Below is a chart to show this information should you need it.


Revel USA Touring Sports Damper

This past SEMA Revel USA unveiled a new line of suspension suited for daily use and spirited driving. The Touring Sports Damper is set to be available this Spring 2018 and will be available through Revel’s authorized dealer network. Retail price is set for $1169 per kit and Pillowball Upper Mounts are standard when applicable. …

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Revel VLS Voltage Gauge

MSRP $148.00 BUY NOW The Revel VLS voltage gauge monitors voltage levels from 8 volts up to 18 volts. The OLED screen allows for easy readings from any viewing angle, and a 30 LED outer ring for viewing at a quick glance. The Revel VLS Voltage gauge is daisy-chain compatible with the VLS Boost gauge, …

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New Revel VLS Intercooler Gauge box opening

Mustang 360 has posted up their box opening video and review of the new Revel VLS Intercooler Gauge in which they explain each component included in the gauge kit and also run it through some simple tests to show its functions. They will also be installing this gauge on their upcoming Mustang build so stay …

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NEW! Revel Touring Sports Damper Coilovers!


New Revel Site is LIVE!

Be sure to check the site for info on the Revel VLS gauges as including the 2 new gauges (Dual Temp Intercooler Gauge and Voltmeter)!


New Revel VLS Intercooler Dual Temp Gauge

MSRP $268.00 BUY NOW The Revel VLS Intercooler Dual Temperature gauge monitors both entrance and exit air temperatures of the intercooler to allow for accurate readings while tuning the vehicle. The dual LED outer rings allow for quick glances of the air temperatures during driving. The VLS Intercooler Dual Temperature gauge monitors readings from 50 …

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Gauges & Gauge Pods

We are the one stop shop for Tanabe Revel VLS gauges and gauge accessories like ATI gauge pods. The VLS gauges are available for any vehicle, while the ATI pods are available for a multitude of applications for domestic and import cars. Visit here to start shopping: http://www.more-japan.com/categories/electronics-gauges Pictured: ATI ezPod Gauge Cluster for Nissan …

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Revel VLS Wideband Analog Output

Do you own a Revel VLS Wideband and wondered if it can be connected to a tuning computer? The Balck/brown/green wire harness that is included with the kit is an analog output so that you can do just that. If you’re wondering how to connect it, here you go: ANALOG OUTPUT WIRE HARNESS INSTRUCTION: BLACK …

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Tanabe Revel VLS Gauges

Revel VLS gauges¬†are available to order on More-Japan! These gauges offer accurate read outs on vital components (boost/vacuum pressure, oil pressure, oil temp / water temp, and air-fuel ratio) and with an OLED screen it is easy to see the display from any viewing angle whether it is daytime or nighttime! All of the gauges …

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