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Team Orange x Beast Eye Nissan S15

In the beginning of 2013, Naoto Suenaga gave the world a teaser shot of his new D1GP car. If the new car’s styling wasn’t enough to get you pumped, I’m sure his 1000HP goal sure was… All this was made possible by the RB26 power plant you see here.
Naoto Suenaga S15 TeaserIt wasn’t too pretty at first, but that’s because it was just engine paint  and a good polish short of being complete. Being a member of Ebisu’s Team Orange, Suenaga of course painted the car orange and put the iconic Yukes logo on it along with the various other sponsors for the car.Incomplete RB26Suenaga’s S15 stays true to Team Orange’s styling with an M Sports body kit and wide fenders as well as a nice set of SSR Type F wheels wrapped in Advan Neova AD08R rubber. On top of the wide fenders, Suenaga installed small and modest fender flares made by Car Modify Wonder.D1GP Ebisu

The big power output from the Garrett turbo’d RB26 makes for big smoke and high speeds… not to mention it also sounds incredible. I just all around enjoy the look of Team Orange cars..Suenaga D1GPIt may be the color or perhaps the drivers that team leader, Nobushige Kumakubo, picks, but these cars always seem so aggressive. Something about them just says, “Hey, we mean business.”D1GP-Osaka-2013Here’s a slightly different way to end my post. Carnage. It’s an image that blew up on the internet of this car colliding with Utsumi’s S15. I wonder what went through Utsumi’s head when he noticed he was that high in the air…m96ktxCu5pI

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