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Formula D 2014 Current Standings

Stage 5: Throwdown podium results – from FormulaD.com

This past weekend in Monroe, WA, was the 5th stage in this year’s Formula D championship season. With the events beginning to get closer to the final rounds, the heat and pressure between all drivers and teams increase to ensure their position in the overall standings. For SSR-sponsored pro-drifter Chris Forsberg, he must continue to be in peak form in order to retain his #1 overall lead for the current season. Chris is the only driver in the 2014 season to have finished on the podium for every round which has him well on his way to winning the 2014 Formula D Championship.

Chris Forsberg still #1 in overall standing... a 57 point lead!

Chris Forsberg still #1 in overall standing… a 59 point lead!


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