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Just Arrived: Sustec Tower Bar for 2014 Mazda 6 (#TTB173F)


Tanabe Sustec Adjustable Front Tower Bar for 2014 Mazda 6

The strut tower bar is one of the most cost efficient upgrades that can be added to your car.
Providing a very high degree of benefit in handling and stability that is felt immediately after
installing, it is often one of the first modifications performed on a vehicle. The Tanabe Sustec
Tower Bar has been very popular due to its low price and high functionality. By physically
connecting the strut towers, the tower bar increases rigidity in that area, allowing the damping
system to work as designed and minimizing changes in suspension geometry. This application
is in stock and ready to go, please contact your sales representative to place an order.

Application: 2014 Mazda 6

INSTALLED PICS http://www.tanabe-usa.com/rnd/post/Tanabe-Sustec-Strut-Tower-Bar-for-2014-Mazda-6.aspx


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