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Tanabe Sustec Stabilizer Bar

The stabilizer bar, or anti-swaybar, reduces chassis roll and provides maximum contact between the tires and road. The end result is giving the driver improved feel and response.

The Tanabe Sustec Stabilizer greatly eliminates unwanted chassis roll for exceptional stability. Unique to the Sustec Stabilizer is it’s FULL CHROMEMOLY steel alloy construction. Chromemoly’s strength is such that a small diameter chromemoly anti-swaybar is significantly stronger than the standard steel anti-swaybars that are larger in diameter.

Chromemoly is extremely lightweight and rigid, allowing for less material to be used while still maintaining high strength and light weight. It is commonly used to build roll cages, and has an established reputation in the performance community as a choice material for a reasonable price.

Tanabe Sustec Stabilizers use the factory mounting points and factory endlinks for a worry-free installation. They are available for many applications, some for both front and rear stabilizers, and include replacement bushings.



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