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Blue Tape is your friend :)

A lot of you out there may travel longer distances when going to a car show or just taking a nice long road trip somewhere this summer. One of the worse things you find when you get to your destination is how beat up your bumper can get with rock chips, road debris or remains of what used to be hundreds of bugs minding their own business, only to be splattered across the front of your car. This is also a common practice for guys that track or autox their car since there is always dirt and rocks to be kicked up at your car. For some people, this may be no big deal. But for those of you that want to protect your paint or with freshly painted bumpers, aero kits, etc like to us painters tape on your car to protect it. Commonly found in blue, other colors can be found.

To keep your bumper from looking like this…

You can do this..

Or you can just tape the whole car.

One tip when actually taping the car up is once you figure out the area that you want to tape, start applying the tape from back to the front. This way, the overlap will keep wind from picking up and unraveling the tape, causing the tape to fall off.  Also, make sure the car is clean :)

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  1. vampyr says:

    Another suggestion is too apply wax on the areas of the paint that you are going to be applying the painters tape. Wait until the wax dries completely and the paint has a white haze to it. Then apply the tape over the dried wax. This will help protect the paint when you peel the tape off.
    This is especially important for white cars, as a hot day could discolor the paint if the tape is left on for long durations during hot, sunny weather.

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