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SSR Wheels Terminology

Spotted in the July 2013 issue of VIP Style magazine was a little write up about the parts that make up an SSR three-piece wheel, featuring the new Executor CV02.

1. Wheel face & spokes – This is the design of the wheel. The Executor CV02 is a mesh design style wheel.

2. Center cap – For Executor wheels these caps are available in silver or flat black. Included with purchase of the wheels.

3. Pierce bolts – These are the rivet bolts that attach the face to the barrels of the wheel. These are available in chrome (standard) or Classical Black (at additional cost).

4. Air valve – The valve stem of the wheel. Included with purchase of the wheels.

5. Rim – For the three piece wheel this includes both the inner and outer barrels that are seam welded together for increased strength.

6. Wheel size – The height or diameter of the wheel. The Executor CV02 (& CV02S) is available in 19, 20, and 21 inch diameters.

7. Wheel width – SSR’s three piece wheels are offered in a variety of different configurations of wheel widths and offsets.

8. Lug holes – For mounting to the wheel and secured with lug nuts.

9. P.C.D. – The bolt pattern of the wheel. The Executor CV02 wheel is available in 5/114.3, 5/112, and 5/120 bolt patterns.



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