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Tanabe Sustec Strut Tower Bar

The strut tower bar is arguably one of the least expensive upgrades that can provide a very high degree of benefit that is felt immediately after installing. Often one of the first modifications performed on a vehicle, the strut tower brace improves handling and stability of a vehicle.

The Sustec Tower Bar has been very popular due to its low price and high functionality. By connecting the strut towers, and creating a balance, the shocks are prevented from independently moving and causing small changes in suspension geometry.

While simple in appearance, the design of the centershaft has a significant amount of engineering put into it.

The construction is reinforced extruded aluminum, which features dual reinforced lips on the underside, as well as tapered ends for additional rigidity. The centershaft is very lightweight, so weight is not added to reinforce the chassis.

The end plates are 100% steel for maximum strength and durability. Extremely budget tower bars commonly use aluminum end plates, which are highly subject to deformity and breaking.

The 100% steel end plates are engineering for durability, so that the stress properly transfers to the bar, and does not overstress the welds and mounting brackets.


It is always recommended to raise the vehicle when installing so that the load of the shock and uppermounts on the shock towers are relieved and balanced out. When raised, and the tower bar is placed onto the vehicle, the preload can be adjusted and set. After it is bolted on and the car is lowered, each shock tower will have equal load and will prevent independent movements of each shock.

This will provide and extremely noticeable difference after installing. If a tower bar is installed on a car that is not raised, great benefits will be missed.



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