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STACK up better Lap Times!

The Stack Meter ST8130 is the hottest and most advanced metering system used by many drift, circuit, and street race vehicles. It is thought of as the most advanced central monitoring system for your vehicle and you can see why from the below functionality description.

The models combine an analogue tachometer with a digital display for the following performance parameters:

1. Wheel speed

2. Engine speed (RPM)

3. Oil pressure

4. Oil temperature

5. Water temperature

6. Fuel pressure (ST8100 only)

7. Air temperature (optional on ST8130 with separate sensor)

8. Fuel level

9. Battery Voltage

10. Lap times

You can view the peak values (tell-tales) for all the parameters. Both systems provide an alarm light to alert the driver that a warning condition has been detected. The warning conditions are based on preset alarm values for the following performance parameters:

1. Low oil pressure

2. High oil temperature

3. High water temperature

4. Low fuel pressure (ST8100 only)

5. Low air temperature / ice warning (optional on ST8130 with sensor)The unit is delivered with the air temperature alarm disabled.

6. Fuel level. The fuel level alarm is indicated by a separate warning light; the unit does not display any message for the fuel level alarm.

7. Battery voltage

When the warning condition alarm light is switched on, a warning message is shown on the digital display to identify the condition.

You can enable or disable the warning system for each parameter individually.

You can cancel the warning message by pressing a switch. Doing this does not turn off the warning condition alarm light, which stays on until the condition no longer applies.

You can redefine the preset alarm values for each parameter to those which are more suitable for your vehicle.

The system provides outputs for two external warning lights:

a gear shift warning light that is based on an RPM value that you define for your vehicle

an additional alarm warning light for the alarms described above Either model can also be fitted with an optional lap timing sensor. An optional air temperature sensor may be installed on the ST8130.

This unit can be had in black or white and also come in two type of tachometer configurations; 0-3000~8000 or 0-3000~10,500. Upon purchase please tell us what color and what tachometer configuration you would like for us to better proccess your order.

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