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FRS / BRZ gathering at Torrance Toyota

I recently heard from my friend Jeff from Micro Image that there was a meet going on at a local Toyota dealership so he asked me if I wanted to go with him. I was hanging out with another friend after a photoshoot on a Porsche 996 (which you’ll see at a later time) so the 3 of us decided to go along. Hopefully they’d accept two of us that were not an FRS or BRZ :). Got there and saw some nice cars and some uniquely modified cars. One thing that I thought was pretty messed up was that one of the sales man turned on a radio and blasted it in my ear when I was literally inches away from it. I though that was very rude.

Either way, I had a good time hanging out and talking with Moto-san from Club4AG and others that I met. There was a taco guy, music and even a jumper! One guy fell off and hit his head on the ground! Hope he was ok! I didn’t take too many pictures and they were all with my phone but there were 3 cars rocking SSR Wheels at the event!


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