Wekfest LA 2012 Coverage from More Japan!

Big thanks to the guys at Wek’sos for throwing another successful Wekfest event! the cars were amazing, the crowd was huge and the show had a great atmosphere! The event like last year was held in Long Beach, CA looking over the Long Beach Harbor with the Queen Mary in the background!  We also spotted a lot of cars running parts from More JapanTanabe and SSR Wheels and it’s always great to see the product out there! Again, thanks to Adam and James from Weksos for helping us out! enjoy the pictures!



  1. undercover_media says:

    Wekfest LA 2012! DOPE show with probably the best legit rides I have ever seen from a car show. BUTTTTTTT… Spokesperson/Owner/Final Judge/ATS Garage Member Ernesto Sarmiento aka “JR” gave the 1st Place Best in Show to another member of his ATS crew? WTF!?!?! This is way too much of a coincidence as well being biased and having a conflict of interest! This has BULL$H!T written all over it! Although the friend he picked had an awesome ride and should have taken Best Acura, there was no way it should have taken 1st Place Best in Show! For those who went please tell if I’m wrong! I was there and seen the cars and again all the pictures people took and posted all over the internet. BTW, I was there when it got announced and notice some of the judges (the guys with clipboards who put orange dots on your cars to let you know that they saw your car) kinda looked at each other in the words I can only describe as shocked or disbelief? I couldn’t hear the words they were saying because I was a couple of feet back behind the fence but definitely saw their faces when they looked at each other. I was actually by his ATS crew not too far away. An Award for Best Crew and 1st Place Best in Show. Talk about FAVORTISM! Is this what happened at J’s Gathering????

  2. ernestojr says:

    Hello and thanks for the comment!

    I hope this can clear some air and confusion (if any) on the awards and placement.

    Best of show
    1st went to High End’s Orange Skyline GTR (also won same award in San Francisco)
    2nd went to ITS JDM YO’s Mike Mao and his twin turbo red NSX with gold mugens 3rd went to AR-Kan’s DOdge Charger.

    None of these members are part of ATS Garage. If you are referring to Anh and his black ITR and Chris and his grey civic ek, they both took home the awards given out and judged by Rodrez and Big Mike from Honda Tuning. Anh took best integra 1st place while chris took home the big mike award. I dont know where exactly you are getting your facts but hope this helps clarify things. I try my best to keep things fair and deserved. I did judge that day but with Freddie Auto Fashion and Ryan from Corp Lexus and categories where Scion and Toyota only.

    Best crew is determined by all the judges (about 11-12 total for LA) and believe the finish was 1st Heavy Hitters, 2nd (not sure at this time) and 3rd was ATS.

    I do apologize if i caused any confusion tho, if you have any questions or concerns, you can email me [email protected] and I would be happy to help.


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