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Wekfest is coming up

On Sunday, February 19, 2012, one of the most influential car shows for the latest trends in the US, known as Wekfest, will be held in the city where it originated from, San Francisco. Wekfest car shows have earned their reputation through Weksos and their closely tied communities to bring you the hottest rides the nation has to offer. All cars that will be displayed on this day are put through a screening process by the Wekfest staff to ensure that all of them are of genuine quality. Sponsors and dealers will be available to meet with the consumer crowd and also show off their latest products and projects. And as always it is a great opportunity for all car enthusiasts to meet and see where the industry will be headed in the future. (You might even get to meet some of the More Japan staff there!)

You can find more info on the Wekfest website.

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