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To wing… or not to wing….

…that is the question. I’ve been contemplating getting a wing or lip spoiler for my FD for sometime now. The stock lines of the FD are already beautiful but I wanted the rear end to appear wider and more aggressive. I pulled the trigger on a carbon wing by Bakemono and I love the way it came out! Some people told me it makes my car look like Lightning McQueen’s car from Cars and some people say it ruined the lines of the car. Most people really like as do I. Installation was pretty straight forward (it’ll be easier if you have an OEM or 99 spec wing on it already) but make a quick template out of blue tape was easy. installed mine in the dark halfway into the street from my friend’s driveway.

They’re offered in FRP also but I opted for the carbon but will be painting the top side of if to match the car later.

Here are the pics


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    GT Wing

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