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Tanabe Rear SwayBar Install COMMENCE!

So I finally got my hands on the Tanabe Rear Sway-Bar for my Subaru.

Hitting myself on the head for this… why I never got this long time ago. Such a great product and great mod for my car. I highly recommend this.

So let’s start here… Order: From prepping to Install to Finish Install.

With my current suspension set up the car is more predictable and stable during hard turns. The rear slides out a bit (oversteer increase) which is what I was looking for. Knowing subaru they love to understeer. Also, during the turns, I find it easier to correct my mistakes. If you drive a subaru you know you have to apply throttle during the turn to catch traction. And yes, there is less body roll. I’ll have to balance the car with front sways. Which I will be doing soon =]

Oh and I wanna thank you two for helping with the install… you know who you are :3

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