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R&D session is finished!

Spring 2011 R&D session has now come to a close. two and a half weeks of testing parts for fit and performance was fun but hectic at times. We flew in techs from Tanabe (Japan) to do run the R&D. Check out the blog that we ran during R&D for pictures and vids.

Here are some randomly selected photos for your viewing pleasure.
Sustec Pro S-0C for 370z
slammed 370z, sustec s-0c
m3 on werfen springs
S4 on werfen springs
Medalion Touring for 2011 STI
underbrace for 2011 sti
Gf210 springs and Concept G Blue on 2011 WRX
midpipe for IS250/350
Sustec S-0C for Honda CRZ

Don’t forget to check out our blog for more pictures and videos.

Check out our YouTube Channel here


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