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Over … the Weekend?


Hachiroku Jam

Over the weekend, I had the fever for mass destruction. And so, it was decided that visiting the local mountain pass would serve as a worthwhile evening activity. Here’s a view from the top, with all the city lights beneath.


Glutton Mode... Engaged!

Then of course, it was time to eat Pho. Vietnamese food is glorious in ways I can imagine. But eating is better than imagining, and so that is what I did. One rare steak & tripe bowl of Pho + one refuel of chicken with broth 20 minutes later + the 3-bean dessert at the end. Glutton mode… mission success.



The following day… (yesterday) I was greeted with complementary delicacies from Japan. Oh what a beautiful way to start the morning. Inside, was strawberry daifuku filled with chocolate. And it was delicious! :D

Please to note

Please to note

Please to note the text on the box. It says, “A new type of good taste. A taste everybody will be pleased with. Why not try one?” Don’t mind if I do. And, I did :) This is my new pickup line. It won’t work though, but the story would make for a great followup to this post. Anyways…

Until next time…


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