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Splash Steering Wheel Hub


Popular among the top race car drivers in Japan. The latest fitment  data, strength, and safety were all taken into consideration in the production of this Splash hub adapter.  High quality OEM fasteners are used to ensure a secure fit, enabling this hub to withstand impacts in the event of an accident. Splash Universal Hub Adapters are created …

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Make your interior Splash!


Want to update your interior with a new steering wheel? One of the first things you’ll need to do is figure out which hub/boss you’re going to run. The boss will replace the OEM hub and this is what the aftermarket steering wheel itself will bolt to. Many Steering Wheel Bosses do not retain all …

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Don’t make waves, just SPLASH

So who out there has an aftermarket steering wheel? And howmany of your guys out there have lost tome basic functions like the horn or even the turn signal return? Some of the aftermarket hubs on the market don’t allow for you to retain these few things that may seem small but are very important. …

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