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BrideJapan Seat Diagrams

Having a hard time deciphering the difference between each BrideJapan Racing Seat? Well hopefully these charts will be helpful in helping you choose the right seat for you. Keep in mind BrideJapan makes a wide selection of seats so the one you are looking for may not be listed. It’s also important to note that there are tons of counterfeit Bride products going around so be sure to make your purchase through an authorized dealer such as More-Japan.com

From left to right Bride Stradia & Gias / Vios / Digo Seat

BrideJapan Products: More-Japan.com
BrideJapan Diagram Credit: Bride-Jp.com

Bride Zieg Seat

Bride Vios Seat

Bride Cuga & Vorga Seat

Bride Zeta / Exas / Artis Seat

BrideJapan Products Available Here: More-Japan.com
BrideJapan Diagram Credits: Bride-Jp.com

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