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Wrong Fitment Fest 2013 Coverage

This past weekend Wrong Fitment Crew put together a meet held in Oceanside, California. Since it was a long weekend due to the Labor Day holiday, I was able to make time to make it out. If you aren’t familiar with WFC (Wrong Fitment Crew), then I’ll keep it simple by saying they’re a family of friends who share a similar passion in fitment and having fun. If you’ve never been to a WFC meet, it might be something for you to experience if cars and fitment are your sort of thing. At least once a year, fitment crews from around Southern, California unite to enjoy a day of bonding amongst friends. In a way it’s somewhat of a family reunion as some members actually make the trip out from other states.

Besides the fact that the heat was scorching, the meet was overall chill. Since most crews arrived in the early hours of the morning and the heat was extremely hot as stated before, not everyone stuck around til the end. I’m sure they also had to get back home, as it was the holiday weekend and the not everyone is from the Oceanside area. Either way, the vibe was laid back, the people are friendly, and in case you felt like showing your moves, there there was a DJ playing some jams. Check out the coverage below!

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