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SARD Sports Catalyzer

Now we all know that the catalytic converter is the more flow restrictive part of an exhaust system. A lot of you out there want to have a more free flowing exhaust to help the car breathe better but your options are usually something along the lines of removing the factory cat and replacing it with a test pipe (straight pipe) or high flow cat(HFC). The problem with the straight pipe is that in most states and countries, altering any of the factory emissions components are illegal. Also with this, the fumes and from the exhaust can get pretty bad as well as the dreaded black bumper that you get from the exhaust gasses leaving soot on your bumper and in extreme cases.

Your other options are to replace the factory cat with a high flow cat. This will still give you the benefits of a catalytic converter and also flow better than the factory unit. SARD offers a very high quality catalytic converter that works well as a cat but will not burn out like other companies over time. Please see the images below

SARD catalyzers are offered in bolt on for many applications and also universal units. Special order only, please contact us for info.


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