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Spocom 2013 Coverage

This year there was a couple of events that landed on the same day here in Southern, California. In our previous post you might have seen our coverage of Mitsubishi Owner’s Day. Fortunately, that event occurred in the morning so heading to Spocom (Sport Compact) event later in the day wasn’t so difficult.

Held in Anaheim, this year’s Spocom event was a lot more crowded than last years event. It might be due to the fact that there are not as many events as last year. Many teams brought out tons of cars to represent their team for this competition. Car wise, the variety in make and the quality of build was there. The crowd seemed to enjoy the vendors that were there as well as the models. As for entertainment, there was also a dance team competition on the main stage and swimsuit competition. Spocom brought out the entertainment factor to those who showed and attended. Until next year!

Here is some coverage from this year’s Spocom event.

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