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Regulators…….. Mount up!

When you’re building a high horsepower car or just want to find tune your street machine, your fuel system is always one of the monst important things you can improve on. Having a reliable, high performance fuel system can mean the difference between a blown motor or a car that scares hybrid cars off the street!

One of the most important parts of a fuel system is the Fuel Pressure regulator. An FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator) will supply you with proper and reliable fuel to your motor and also allows you to monitor your fuel pressure when a meter is attached.

SARD offers you one of the best FPRs on the market, these are available in E Nipple style for OEM like installation or for AN fitting installation. Also available in two different models for either up to 450hp cars or over 500hp cars(Type R). Made in Japan and Imported directly by More Japan! Don’t Be fooled by imitation SARD FPRs! Get Authentic SARD items through us!

For more information or ordering, please check here: http://www.more-japan.com/sard-fuel-delivery-fuel-pressure-regulators-fuel-pressure-regulators/


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