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Over the Weekend!

Welcome to another posting of “Over the Weekend!” If you haven’t noticed, this week’s banner is a bit confusing. I did that on purpose.  I have this theory that if you design something odd enough, people will naturally look, just to try and understand it. Design something too weird, and people won’t look at all, so I hypothesize that there’s a sort of a threshold for this sort of thing.

ANYWAYS, on to the article…

I went over to Yes Plaza in Rowland Heights to play some dumb arcade basketball game with my cousin Paul Wall and friend Tommy Burger. Paul points at Tommy while shaking his head.

This game costs a dollar, and for what!? For those of you who are wondering, no, Tommy doesn’t play basketball. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to be a genius bball player to do well in this game. Just prepare to spend countless hours mastering this short-ranged money destroyer; this game costs a dollar, and for what!?

Well, apparently, if you’re skilled enough to get over 400 points, a girl takes your picture and posts it on the “400 Club” wall. Paul and Tommy beat 400, but I’ve yet to see their faces on the wall.

Those with even more skill get to be on the 500 wall. Paul & Tommy eventually got past 500 points, but yeah, still no wall photo. As a matter of fact, most of the people on this wall just look like variations of the same person. Is everyone sharing the same haircut these days? I think not… just kidding. I think people are. Get your own haircut, you uncreative fools! And stop copying each other! :p

I’m going to touch on an odd topic for a second. I think a lot of people are starting to look very much alike each other. I don’t mean this in any sort of racial, prejudiced sort of way. People just need to stop copying each other. I only had this thought after seeing the “400 Club” and “500 Club” postings. Either you guys all have the same sense of style or you all go to the same barber. Or… you might all be related. If you are, I apologize, and I wish your big family well. Sorry. FAIL.

Anyways, moving along. Aside from having some pretty fun over-expensive basketball games, the arcade has a cool selection of stuffed animals that can be won…

… by capturing them in the ancient art of the space-claw game. This too costs a dollar to play, but the stuff is just so awesome… Look at the white ghost in the photo above. He’s from the Super Mario Bros. series of games. You know why he’s sticking his tongue out? Because it’s impossible to capture him. Or is it…? I dare you to try… he dares you to try as well 😛

Leaving Yes Plaza, I am thanked by a local trash can. You’re most welcome, although I did nothing to receive such praise. We’ll be back.

Next, we went to the local park to play some basketball. As we were playing, a group of guys were setting up soccer goals on both sides of the court. wtf, right? Well, apparently, every Saturday, a group of “soccer players” meet at Fahardo Park to play a game of… street soccer? That’s right… you heard me.

Not going to lie — we pretty much got jacked by a group of “soccer players.” Skilled soccer players… Nevertheless, it was pretty fun to watch. In person, Futbol is actually quote entertaining. That’s it for this week. Until next time… don’t give the space-claw games all your money, and always be prepared for a rough game of street soccer. Maybe I’ll post something car-related next time… *shrug*


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