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Tag: Chris Forsberg

NOS anyone?

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Sema 2009 pictures

SSR SP1 18X9.5 FRONT, 18X10.5 REAR SSR SP1 16X7 FRONT, 16X8.0 REAR SSR TYPE F 19X9.5 FRONT. 19X10.5 REAR SSR MS1  20X9.0 FRONT , 20X10.5 REAR SSR VF1  19X9.5 FRONT, 19X12 REAR Related Images:

2009 Formula D Champion with SSR Wheels

Congratulation to Chris Forsberg and Team for their 2009 Formula D Series Victory!!!! photos: Michael Groh Related Images:

Chris Forsberg sponsored by SSR Wheels!

SSR Wheel Line Up Click here for more info on SSR Wheels! Click here for more info on Chris Forsberg! Related Images: