GTR Pure… A Sure Six Figure GTR?

Nissan will be releasing a new trim package as a part of the 2018  lineup that will have a sticker price of $99,990 ($101,585 with destination fee). the drop in price from the Premium model of which goes for $112,085 gets rid of the Premium Bose system, Active Noise Cancellation and active sound enhancement as well as the Titanium exhaust system. For those that plan on modding, Will this be a great base for those that plan on modding the car anyway? However standard on all models with be Apple CarPlay which is a nice touch. What we’re wondering is why is the car still basically the same as almost 10 years ago? The 370Z has been on the same chassis for 8 years with little changes except for facelifts as well. I guess Nissan is trying to maximize their dollars for each platform.

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