Jesse Sabater’s R35 GTR!

Our friend Jesse from Auto Concept Elite has a GTR that’s gone through many changes throughout the years and we’re glad to be a part of this GTR’s evolution. Here are some of the changes that his car went through.

Jesse_Cv01_01_smallThe early days of Jesse’s car was this. Custom widebody, stain orange paint. Definitely an in your face look. Running SSR Executor CV01s in flat black.

Jesse GTRHe decided to change the front bumper a bit to let it breathe better. You can see the large dual intercoolers preparing for what was to come. The CV01 wheels were refinished to have black barrels to give a more aggressive look.

IMG_522612677416_953587688057160_2045755725_nFast forward a little and Jesse made made some bigger changes with the car. He changed the color of the car to a beautiful midnight purple that has so much dynamic depending on the type of light it’s in. Remember those big intercoolers? Jesse is now has big power with a slew of components to give him 1000 horsepower. Along with these changes Jesse also added a huge Voltex Swan Neck mounted wing and changed the wheels to the SSR Professor SP4 in Touring Gold. The color combo and with the purple looks amazing!

ssr cv01 carbonTime for even more changes! Jesse now had a set of huge Endless Brakes brakes on order and unfortunately the SP4s would not clear the calipers due to the step lip design. Luckily the previous set of CV01s did clear but he didn’t want to put the same set on so he had carbon fiber laid onto the lips!

27562265291_0050272941_o13737439_1175879899143270_8689052915248302412_o13925071_10208849789514188_2401096490407441844_n Here is the current state of the car. A beast in it’s own right. Lots of carbon fiber work done, suspension and chassis part upgrades! Don’t’ forget to check out his Instagram @jsgdzla

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