That SSR Couple…

Car meets. We have all gone to local meets and do the normal park your car, talk with old friends, meet new ones and maybe get a bite to eat. You’ll often times see cars that are same model and color as yours and strike up a conversation with them to find similarities and differences between the two. EJ and Aleigh went to a local meet last fall and did just that. Having similar WRX Sedans in the same color they became friends and eventually built a great relationship grounded upon common interests.  They both share a love for spending time in the garage working on their own cars and thinking of ways to build their similar cars with their each unique vision. This is pretty awesome IMHO since this is not such a common thing to have your significant other not just be okay with modifying cars but doing it with you.

EJ‘s theme is little more aggressive while Aleigh is going for a cleaner, sleek theme on her car. Both bagged, both on SSR multi- piece wheels. EJ is running Professor MS1 wheels in Spectrum Silver while Aleigh is running Executor EX02s in Gunmetallic. These two are definitely a great addition to the SSR Squad.

Look for them on Instagram by looking for #thatSSRcouple. Now onto the pictures. Pictures by Alex Dahl and Aleigh Hutzel

thatssrcouple 1 thatssrcouple 2 EJ SSR1 EJ SSR Spectrum EJ SSR close up IMG_6704valve stem

11078157_10155604350595436_2036573092852176452_n EJ WRX MS1 03

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