Installation of Nagisa Auto Gacchiri Support for Civic EK

Cody from RennSpec recently installed some Nagisa Auto Gacchiri Supports (Fender Braces) on his Honda Civic EK and was nice enough to send us some images of the install and do a small write up for us. He had another brand’s fender brace installed previously but mentioned that it didn’t fit well and required drilling for the installation. Nagisa Auto’s Fender brace is a much easier install and requires no drilling for installation.

1. Enjoy Box


2/3.Remove side skirts (one screw in front wheel well and the side skirt slides forward and off) and fender (bolts in engine bay, bottom of A pillar, and 2 hidden under side skirt. Headlights may have to be removed) (In green). With the door closed shut on the car, as loosening the hinges may misalign door fitment. Loosen the hinges attached to the chassis of the vehicle. With the fitment of this fender brace, only the top bolt will not be required to be unbolted.2 and 3

4. Remove all hardware and brackets off of the shock brace and line up with the holes on the vehicle accordingly. Loosely installing the mounting points that hold the door to help with the install of the brace. Then feed smaller brace with the nut welded on will need to be fed through the hole of the chassis to meet the lower-front mounting hole. Temporarily run the bolt through to line it up, without fully tightening the bolt down.4

5/6. Same concept as the smaller bracket, this time the longer bracket will be fed all the way to the front mounting point. Using the length of the bracket as a handle. With the dimple towards the outside of the vehicle.56

7. At this point all the hardware can be tightened down. However it is suggested that the allen bolts be tightened down first. Then the door. **Test fitment of door by opening and closing the door BOLTED IN, as loosening the mounting points may have shifted it.** If the door opens and closes nicely as before then you’re good. If not, open the door and loosen the bolts to realign. Using a jack is recommended to lift or shift the door upwards as the door may have lowered itself from loosening the mounting points. It may take a few times readjusting the door for optimum fitment as before. 7

8. Look at and enjoy JDM parts.8 9 10

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