SSR Wheels Disk Variations

Understanding Disk Variations.

What do we mean by, what sized disk?

Answer: On a multi-piece wheel, disk sizing takes precedence over offset sizing. Depending on your brake profile, it would determine which disk you would need to clear your brakes. In turn, it would determine your offset options as well as the lip size of the wheel. For example, if you were running a big brake kit (BBK) you may need to run the Hyper (HP) Disk to allow for clearance. That’s not to say all big brakes need HP to clear; some may get away with running a lower disk option.

*Pictured is the 18 inch chart for the Professor TF1. Numbers will vary depending on wheel model and size.

SL – Super Low Disk / NR – Normal Disk / MD – Medium Disk / HP – Hyper Disk

Finding the right sizing for your application.

Once you have an idea of wheel size and width you would like to run, we can then determine the disk size which would maximize your lip sizing. Typically, as far as width sizing and and offsets go, we recommend keeping them within factory specifications.

*If you need any assistance on selecting the right sizing for your application, please contact one of our authorized dealers or contact us directly.


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