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Tall person problems…

We all know that one really tall guy who can’t fit in his car with a helmet on (or off for that matter) and when you are that guy, it’s annoying having to tilt your head to one side because you’re pressed up against the headliner. And let’s face it, nobody wants to have to resort to this to fit in their car.Too tall!

So how do you get yourself to fit normally? Why Nagisa Auto Super Low seat rails of course! They sit lower than any other aftermarket seat rail so that you won’t have to cut up your roof to fit in your car.BC vs Nagisa

Above is a comparison of BC type (passenger side) and Nagisa Auto (driver side). The difference is more than noticeable! So don’t worry about fitting in your car anymore, Nagisa Auto has got your back… er… head.

Nagisa Auto seat rails are available on More-Japan at:



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