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The “Money Burning Mistress” AE86

When Billy Edmonds bought this car back in 2009, I don’t think he had any clue as to how far his project would go. He started off with a beat up AE86 that was missing a few pieces and had bent wheels, but undeterred by the state of the car, he went on to create what most AE86 owners can only dream of..Billy Andrea AE86

It appears to be your regular, simple looking, run-of-the-mill AE86 with a Levin front conversion from the outside. No crazy bumpers, side skirts, or ever-popular TRD wing. Just a set of 13 inch Superlite wheels and Advan A048 tires. Billy Andrea AE86 WheelsBut don’t let the harmless appearance fool you. Billy has invested a pretty penny into making this car a monster of an 86. Underneath the bonnet sits a Hasslegren-built Formula Atlantic 4AGE, producing 249bhp. Now while 249 horsepower may seem dismal, keep in mind that with it weighing-in at around 2,000 pounds, that’s about the same power-to-weight ratio as a 2007-2010 Nissan GT-R!Billy Andrea FATo follow this intimidating engine bay, the interior has had just about everything covered in carbon fiber, the dash being the exception, because Billy had it upholstered in Alcantara which matches his carbon fiber Tillet seat’s padding. A nice little touch in my opinion.Billy Edmonds InteriorBilly Edmonds Interior (2)This fantastic AE86 is also equipped with a LEEN 6 speed gearbox adapter for the 4AGE. It mates the original T50 bellhousing to a Toyota Altezza (IS300) RS200 J160 gearbox, giving this little car a much better gear ratio.

To stiffen up the chassis, Billy installed a set of Tanabe front and rear sway bars, a front and rear coilover conversion, a nice thick tower bar, and an adjustable panhard rod.Billy Edmonds AE86 popped… And this is where the story comes to a close… at least for now. He has big plans for an 1800CC upgrade (original: 1600CC), which would put him in the 270bhp range and I personally cannot wait. Although, he has recently offered up the car for sale for serious buyers with a nice $27,000 price tag. Not bad considering the engine alone would set you back around $25,000.

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