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Nakano-san’s A-Bo-Moon R32

Thursday is here and I have yet another Nissan Skyline R32 for you. This time I bring you Fumiharu Nakano’s 4-door drift sedan. Some of you may recognize this car from various articles and/or videos on the internet, but for those of you who don’t, this car belongs to the infamous A-Bo-Moon drift team from Japan.
A-BO-MOON R32Usually seen sporting BN Sports aero and 17inch (F: 9J +0 R: 10J -5) SSR SP1‘s all around, this car is a little more modest than the rest of A-Bo-Moon’s cars. There’s a lot more windshield visibility and it isn’t covered from head to toe in vinyl. Did I also mention that this car is a registered, road-legal car? Well it is.. but pretty much anything is “road-legal” in Japan.A-BO-MOON R32 RearThe one-off spoiler and Takeyari exhaust pipes are a nice added touch. For those of you thinking, “I’ve never heard of Takeyari,” it’s not a brand. The Takeyari exhaust is an outlandish and attention getting “modification” that bosozoku gangs used to do to their street racing cars in the 70′s.

Also, pardon my, “Ooh look, shiny things!,” ADD moment, but the rainbow flake in the paint really shows in this picture.

A-BO-MOON R32 SP1The wing looks like a modified S13 Silvia B-Wave wing from this angle. And judging by the repaired fractures on the bumper I’d say that the rear bumper has seen its fair share of drift events…
A-BO-MOON R32 FrontThese cars are proof that you can drift competitively and win while completely slammed and stylish. The team leader, Akinobu Satsukawa, says if he had to give up style, he would quit drifting. That mindset has kind of waned over the years, so it brings a smile to my face to see cars like this being driven and winning A-BO-MOON R32 driftingBy now you should know, I always end my post with a moving shot, so here it is with the stock GT-R bumper, doing what it does best; stylish drifting..

Till next time!

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