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I’d like to dedicate this Throwback Thursday to yellow, one of the coolest car colors of all time. I mean sure, red is racing, but yellow… yellow is something else. It grabs your attention and makes a racing icon out of that car. So of course this won’t be all writing. I plan on showing you SOME of the best yellow liveries of all time.

For starters (and in no particular order): The RE-AMEMIYA Aspara Drink JGTC Mazda FD3S. I mean you can’t not love this car. It’s wide, it has a 4 rotor engine, and it’s yellow. It’s superb!

RE-Amemiya FD

Continuing on, we have another famous livery amongst car folk; Jun Auto. Wether it’s another TC2000 time attack monster or if it’s the Stream Z, we all know a Jun Auto car when we see one.

These cars are so awesome that any person (into cars or not) who has played any of the Gran Turismo games will know what they are. But here are some of the less “video game popular” cars…

Hiroshi Fukuda’s Power Enterprise liveried Nissan 180SX. The yellow with blue and silver vinyl accompanied by white wheels is incredible and in my opinion, this is one of the coolest cars to ever drift in America. Super stylish, super low, and super YELLOW. It even has yellow Thrash Racing bucket seats…

Fukuda D1

Whilst on the topic of D1 cars, you can’t forget BEE Racing or BEE☆R for short. This famous GT-R tuner produces some of the coolest new school cars in drifting, like the 180SX with a full R35 front and rear conversion. Here we have their famous Nissan R324. A R32 with R34 front conversion accompanied by more blue vinyl and this time, chrome vinyl as well. It’s mean lookin’.


And last but not least… Ayrton Senna’s Camel liveried 1987 Lotus 99T, powered by a Honda turbocharged V6 formula engine. It was fitting for Senna seeing that he also had a yellow helmet. This would be Senna’s last year with Lotus before signing with the McLaren F1 team. Once again this follows the yellow and blue pattern we’ve been seeing here. It may just be the best combination..


I think I may have proven my point here. Too bad yellow doesn’t have a cool saying like red does, but I think it might just be so cool that it doesn’t need a saying…

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