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Satou Motors 180SX

It’s not every day that you see a 180sx with a Uras Type S body kit, so let’s start off this week a little differently. You can thank the Narita Dogfight blog for these awesome pictures!


This super late-90′s/early-2000′s style S13 is doing it pretty right, sitting on SSR SP1 in SBC (Super Black Coat) in the front and black in the rear.

dsc2291 dsc2293

I’m also loving this drag-reducing cut bumper trend I’m starting to see. They can be seen on cars like Kristian Wong’s Marvelous Tune EK Civic and Daigo Saito’s 2014 D1GP Chaser.

dsc2286 dsc2296

Orange. Not usually executed too well but in this case, super cool. It really makes the strange lines of this body kit pop out. Also, those rear canards are pretty sweet.

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